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Front 242


DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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It has been a decade since the EBM pioneers, Front 242, released an album, however, the band members have remained quite busy with their countless side projects. In 2003, the tide will return, and Front 242 will release a brand new album, "Pulse." A continuous 74 minutes of non-stop music, "Pulse" is what electronic music fans have been yearning for. On Metropolis.

Track List

01. SEQ666 (P)
02. SEQ666 (U)
03. SEQ666 (L)
04. SEQ666 (S)
05. SEQ666 (E)
06. Together
07. Triple X Girlfriend
08. No More No More
09. Beyond The Scale Of Comprehension
10. Song (Untitled)
11. Song (StarCandy)
12. One (With The Fire)
13. One (Reverse)
14. Matrix (OpenStatic)
15. Matrix (MegaHertz)
16. Never Lost (Faust)
17. Never Lost (Riley)
18. 7RAIN (Filter)
19. PAN (DHE)
20. PAN (MIHK)

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