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Bella Morte

Exorcisms [Lmtd Edition White Vinyl]

VINYL (2014) · SALE! $14.00   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD · Exorcisms $12.98

Bella Morte has returned with Exorcisms, the long awaited follow up to Before The Flood. The new album sees huge growth for the band, musically and thematically. The listener gets the sense that vocalist Andy Deane is purging himself of something, be it sorrow, loss, love. The mournful remembrances of Reflections, the declarations of the title track to let go of what was, even the cover of Depeche Mode's classic Never Let Me Down, all serve to illustrate this overarching sense of lament. As Deane sings in the title track, Exorcisms, see Bella Morte 'burn what has been'

Track List

01. [A] Exorcisms
02. [A] Never Let Me Down
03. [A] As Fire
04. [A] Watching The Sky
05. [A] Water Through Sand
06. [B] Reflections
07. [B] The Dark
08. [B] Tired
09. [B] A Quiet Place To Die
10. [B] Entwined