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In Strict Confidence

The Hardest Heart

CD (2017) · $12.98   add to cart

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The Hardest Heart is a perfect combination of classic electro/EBM elements and dramatic dark alternative. The new album is beautifully diverse, allowing the listener to dive into a mix of emotions. Dennis Ostermann's signature vocals & emotive lyrics anchor an album that is electronically aggressive, deeply melancholic & boldly danceable. In Strict Confidence's finest work to date.

Track List

01. Frozen Kisses
02. Everything Must Change
03. Somebody Else's Dream
04. Destroy Something Beautiful
05. Time
06. Herz
07. Land Of Grace
08. Doublefaced
09. Letzter Wille
10. Erde Ade
11. Ask Your Soul
12. Coming Closer