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Hailing from Hochst, near Frankfurt, In Strict Confidence began their existence as one of Germany's most popular and innovative tape-bands, creating a danceable blend of industrial harshness, electro melodies, and superb sequential percolations. The band quickly gained the attention of Zoth Ommog's Talla 2XLC. Always one to recognize talent when he heard it, Talla immediately arranged for the duo to become part of his label's roster of electronic artists. It was their debut release, Cryogenix, which brought the band to the attention of Metropolis Records, who likewise arranged for its debut in 1997 for North America. Later that year, the Collapse EP was released, followed by a 25-date German tour.

It was In Strict Confidence's second album though, Face the Fear, that brought them to the forefront of the European electro-wave scene in 1998. Club hits "Industrial Love," "Hidden Thoughts," and "Alles in Mir" gave them a strong stance for the years ahead. A limited double CD with mixes of "Industrial Love," and "Prediction" featured the remixing talents of VNV Nation, X Marks the Pedwalk, Melotron and many others, further established the band as a club staple.

The demise of Zoth Ommog in late 1999, left In Strict Confidence to explore other avenues of interest and found themselves on the newly formed Bloodline label in Europe. Their first release on the new label was the single "Kiss Your Shadow", followed in January 2001 by their third album, Love Kills! Subsequently, WTII Records in the U.S. licensed the release for North America. In Germany, the album reached the #1 position on the Deutsche-Alternative-Charts (DAC), and to keep things rolling, a second single, "Zauberschloss" was released.

Then in early 2002, In Strict Confidence made another label change, this time leaving Bloodline for a major label subsidiary, Minuswelt Records. In early summer, their fourth album, Mistrust the Angels, was released in Europe. Shortly afterwards, unhappy with their current standings with WTII, In Strict Confidence left the label and re-signed with Metropolis Records for North America. Mistrust the Angels then hit North America in September 2002. The album presented a futuristic world of mayhem and darkness, where fallen angels tempt you with their siren songs. As the only hope of salvation, In Strict Confidence lead the resistance and counterattacks with a head on collision of electronic warfare. Pervasive beats, smooth programming, aggressive male vocals, and angelic female vocals could make anyone Mistrust the Angels and join the industrial revolution.

Meeting and exceeding all expectations in 2004, In Strict Confidence's album, Holy, was co-produced by ISC and Olaf Wollschlger (most notably known as the remixer/producer of Paradise Lost, Yello, and Melotron) with guest vocals from Ion Javelin (Moskwa TV), Antje Schulz (Chandeen), and Nadine Stelzer. Songwriting on the incredible release can only be overshadowed by its amazing artwork.

Two years after the release of Holy, In Strict Confidence returned with another brilliant album complete with stunning artwork. Exile Paradise was one of the band’s most progressive. Pop sensibilities were mixed with industrial electronics to give a pop/rock-like feel, alluding to the band changing up their musical style ever so slightly. Female vocals were given a more prominent place in the mix along side of lead singer Dennis Osterman’s, who opted for a more natural sound. Even many of the instruments displayed less processing than with previous albums.

For 2010, the band is set to release La Parade Monstrueuse. Once again, Dennis Osterman’s trademark vocals flow flawlessly with the music while both are accentuated by female vocals on several tracks. La Parade Monstrueuse is crafted with a more polished feel than its predecessors with only one thing in mind: ISC’s fans.


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