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Then Comes Silence


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Trickery Limited Edition LP

Have you ever wondered what triumph over adversity sounds like?

The answer lies in 'Trickery', the seventh album from gothic post-punk legends Then Comes Silence.

It's 2022, and on the eve of their first-ever US tour and eager to promote their stellar albums 'Machine' (2020) and 'Hunger' (2022) for the first time, Then Comes Silence are suddenly and unexpectedly reduced to a three-piece. Would their famed darkwave wall-of-sound still work with just the three bandmembers? The answer was resoundingly positive, so much so that the band resolved to continue with the slimmed-down line-up on a permanent basis on further US (supporting Vision Video and The Bellwether Syndicate) and European tours, and now on their return to the studio. This inadvertent metamorphosis of the band has led to a different way of creating music and performing live.

Track List

01. Ride or Die
02. Like A Hammer
03. Feel The Cold
04. Tears and Cries
05. Stay Strange
06. Stiffs
07. Blind Eye
08. The Masquerade
09. Never Change
10. Dead Friend
11. Runners
12. Ghost House