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Assemblage 23

Compass (Limited Edition)


Building on his successful Meta album in 2007, Assemblage 23 clearly knew where he was headed for his newest album, Compass. The 2009 album shows a more polished and mature sound. Solid beats, interesting melodies, and meaningful lyrics give the album a dynamic clarity. From the intensive opening track, “Smoke,” to the danceable “Impermanence” through the heart-wrenching closing track, “The Cruelest Year,” Compass takes Assemblage 23 to the next level with each unforgettable song.

The limited Edition comes with a bonus disc featuring two exclusive remixes and three additional songs!

Track List


01. Smoke
02. Collapse
03. Impermanence
04. How Can You Sleep?
05. Spark
06. Leave This All Behind
07. Alive
08. Greed
09. Angels & Demons
10. The Cruelest Year


01. Spark (Burikusu!!! RMX)
02. Grind
03. Alone Again
04. Chosen
05. Greed (KMFDM RMX)