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God Module

Let's Go Dark

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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Further exploring their love of all the things that go bump in the night, God Module bring you ten brand new tracks of Spooky Dance Music©. Following no preconceived musical rules, Jasyn Bangert erratically experiments with various electronic music styles on their newest album, Let's Go Dark. From the scary grooves of the opening track “Spooky” to the female voiced, 80's inspired sounds of “Corpses” to the brainwashing dance hooks of “EVP” and the epic dark melodies of the instrumental “Falling,” the progress and further maturity of the God Module sound is impossible to ignore. Prior fans of the pounding, hard-floor club assaults that God Module has come to be known for need not look any farther than the insanity of “Your True Face,” "Undone," “Beyond,” "Orange & Black," "Brains!" and “Lets Go Dark.” The band has grown musically since their inception, and Let's Go Dark shows what they are capable of in all their gory.

Track List

01. Spooky
02. Let's Go Dark
03. Corpses (A Zombie Love Song)
04. Undone
05. Falling In Space
06. Your True Face
07. Evp
08. Beyond Fear
09. Orange And Black
10. Brains