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God Module

Does This Stuff Freak You Out? A Retrospective

DIGITAL (2017) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $15.98

God Module presents "Does This Stuff Freak You Out'" a 2 disc retrospective. Rather than the usual best-of release, This career spanning set is a mix of God Module's most popular songs and some rare tracks, alternate versions, remixes, and a cover.

Track List

01. Victims Among Friends (Rework)
02. Fake Fame
03. Orange and Black (Jasyn vs. Michael Mix)
04. Endless
05. Silence
06. The Source (IR Mix)
07. Rituals (Clubbed To Death Mix)
08. Telekinetic
09. Round and Round
10. Destroy The Day
11. Art
12. Undone
13. Lucid
14. Into The Outside
15. False Face (Cut Up Mix)
16. Still So Strange (Xenograft Mix)
17. Doppleganger
18. Red Ribbons
19. Illusion (Fortified Remix By Siechtum)
20. Lunacy
21. Let's Go Dark (Unter Art Mix)
22. Remember (Vexed Mix)
23. Skeptical
24. A Simple Restriction
25. Spooky (As A Mutherfucker Mix)
26. Altered Image
27. We Are Legend
28. Ressurection: Ressurected