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DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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Hot on the heels of their last release Beyond, Informatik return with an album of blisteringly hot electronic rock, tellingly titled Arena. Continuing to forge their own path, the band pulls no punches, delivering instant classics that find equal footing in stadiums or on the dance-floor. Opening with the scorching new single “Come Together,” Arena showcases a further exploration of the band's "electronic arena rock" style and doesn't let up until the closing minutes of the album, with the crushing despair of “The End.” Club goers around the globe will harken back to the bands more dance friendly sound with the epic synthpop track “Falling.” Harnessing the full experience of their entire career, Informatik raises the bar yet again, challenging you to meet the Arena!

Track List

01. Come Together
02. A Matter Of Time (Stadium Mix)
03. Temporary (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Mix)
04. The World Belongs To Us (Live At Budokan Mix)
05. It Was Like I Was Dreaming
06. Entropy (More Cowbell Mix)
07. Predator
08. My True Love (Pulse State Mix)
09. Night And Day (Arena Mix)
10. Don't Be Afraid (Very Mix By Claire Voyant)
11. Falling
12. The End