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Ego Likeness

The Order of the Reptile

DIGITAL (2013) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $12.98

Metropolis Records is thrilled to announce the re-release of Order of the Reptile, the third album from Ego Likeness. Originally released in 2006, the stunning album blends elements of ethereal trip-hop, rock, and electronics. As expressed by Dancing Ferret Discs when originally released, "Ego Likeness is hard to categorize, easy to listen to... Breathy female vocals overflowing with emotion, both positive and negative, expertly conveying the triumph of survival and the anguish of damage expressed in the lyrics." Re-mastered and featuring bonus versions of "Aviary" and "Save Your Serpent."

Track List

01. Weave
02. Burn Witch Burn
03. Smothered
04. Aviary
05. Save Your Serpent...---...
06. Severine
07. World of Shame
08. The Foolish Man Who Has No Home
09. Seventy-Nine
10. Raise Your Red Flag
11. Afterhours
12. Aviary 2013
13. Save Your Serpent 2013