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Ego Likeness

Songs From A Dead City

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Songs From A Dead City is a two cd collection of the earliest works of Ego Likeness. The root of the band's sound is found in these songs - a trip-hop bent on some works, unpolished, animalistic sensuality on others. Full of fearless experimentation of youth, this is a testament to abstract beauty. In the band's words,"They were written in the magical land of Once Upon A Time...Before we were monsters".

Track List


01. Bourbon St. 4AM
02. Release
03. Emerge
04. Underpass
05. The Thaw
06. Whole (Cold Version)
07. The Theme from The Gorky Maze
08. After The Rain
09. Guns in the Oceans
10. Bourbon St. Sunrise


01. Songs For My Gun
02. The Foolish Man Who Has No Home
03. The Burning Land
04. A Proper Goodbye
05. 16 Miles
06. Water to the Dead
07. The Hanging Years
08. Isabel (Live)