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DIGITAL (2019) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Also available:
CD $12.98
Vinyl · Ltd. Ed. Vinyl $18.00

Hante. is a one woman project from the Paris-based Helene de Thoury.
Hante.,  While on the surface striking, cold, & synthetic, it becomes immediately evident that this unique blend of darkwave & striking electronics is also revealing, offering deep emotion & intimacy. The beautiful new album, FIERCE, showcases an artist of passion & emotional depth using her music to face her fears.

Track List

01. Tomorrow is a New Day
02. Wild Animal
03. Unknown (feat. Solveig Matthildur)
04. Serre-moi Encore
05. Nobody's Watching (feat. Marble Slave & Fragrance)
06. Waiting for a Hurricane
08. No Tenderness (feat. AEtervader)
09. Silence the Voices
10. The Moon Song (feat. Box von Due)
11. Never Over
12. I Don't Need a Hero (Bonus Track)
13. Wild Animal (Drumless Version) (Bonus Track)