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Juno Reactor

Live in Tokyo DVD


Attending a JUNO REACTOR show isn't like going to a “concert,” it's experiencing a whole new concept in performances with a concoction of music, lighting, and live action. Those that let the opportunity to catch JUNO REACTOR live during the “Shango” tour now have a chance to see what they missed out on. The “Live in Tokyo” DVD features selections off of “Shango,” as well as classic JUNO REACTOR tracks, such as “Conga Fury” and “God Is God.” The DVD precisely captures the intensity of JUNO REACTOR's live performances: from the mind-expanding music, to the acrobatics of AMAMPONDO, right down to the hypnotic lighting effects. It's an experience, a journey, a revelation, a discovery, an opportunity not to be missed. The “Live in Tokyo” DVD proves that the only thing better than watching it was being there. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. The Forest
02. Conga Fury
03. Laughing Gas
04. Komet
05. Vocal and Drums
06. Feel the Universe
07. God is God
08. Hulelam
09. Pistolero
10. Biot Messiah
11. Insects
12. Guardian Angel
13. Masters of the Universe
14. Mars