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The Diamond Sinners

DIGITAL (2016) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Raymond Watts, the Lord of Lard is risen. Ably assisted by his disciples in destruction: Z. Marr, recently lapsed from the Church of Combichrist, and ex-partners in swine En Esch and Guenter Schulz who have been wandering in an industrial desert fighting the wickedness and snares of an upright and morally pure life. Mark Thwaite has also seen the light and repented his sinful ways in the company of Peter Murphy and The Mission.... The result of this liaison in lard is the forthcoming single from , The Diamond Sinners, the redemptive sound of electronic gospel from a Byronic brothel. Remixes are provided by Watts' Apostles of Pork: Chris Vrenna's tweaker snd the savage pagan Tim Skold. While Marc Heal is let loose to remix 'Found in Filth' another pearl from the forthcoming album, The Gospel, released September 9th. Salvation thru Damnation.

Track List

01. The Diamond Sinners
02. The Diamond Sinners (The tweaker Remix)
03. Found in Filth (MC Lord of The Flies Remix by Marc Heal)
04. The Diamond Sinners (SKOLD Remix)