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KMFDM takes the Ultra Heavy Beat to the next level with IN DUB, reinterpreting some of the best known songs of the group's 35 year career into a blistering set of dubbed-out grooves & atmospheres. With a history of addressing political issues & encouraging social revolution, KMFDM reaches back to it's earliest roots in dub to present a fresh take on what it truly means to Rip the System!

Track List

01. Dub Light
02. Superhero Dub
03. Dub Uranus
04. Bumaye Dub
05. A Dub Against War
06. Amnesia Dub
07. K.M.F Dub
08. Rebelz Dub
09. Hau Dub
10. Real Dub Thing
11. No God
12. Para Dub