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Ruck Zuck

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $8.98

KMFDM presents Ruck Zuck, the companion EP to their 2005 full length release, Hau Ruck. Ruck Zuck, which loosely means "Right Now," joins the tradition of KMFDM's classic EP releases on May. The 9 track EP contains over 40 minutes of music including remixes and never before released material. Favorite tracks from Hau Ruck appear in totally reworked versions by members of KMFDM as well as by Nude and by infamous Dwarves frontman, Blag. KMFDM continue to create ultra heavy beats with a sly dose of political irony on their cover of DAF's dancefloor classic "Der Mussolini." "Ansage" closes out the disc with a German spoken word soundscape that mirrors the tone of our times. Ruck Zuck commands the attention of all dance, electronic and industrial fans RIGHT NOW!

Track List

01. Free Your Hate (Kaptn's Krunch Mix)
02. Mini Mini Mini (J Hogstorm And The Rain City Swingin Samples Mix)
03. Professional Killer (The One And Only Mix)
04. Ready to Blow (Dwarves Mix)
05. Hau Ruck (Spezial K Mix)
06. Real Thing (Nude Mix)
07. Der Mussolini
08. WWIII (The One And Only Extended Mix)
09. Ansage