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Velvet Acid Christ

Between the Eyes Volume 3

CD (2004) · SALE! $8.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Velvet Acid Christ has returned with the third installment of his “Between the Eyes” vault series. “Between the Eyes Volume 3” contains many unreleased tracks from the “Church of Acid” and “Calling ov the Dead” eras. Each track has been completely mastered to create a polished yet raw feeling. A compilation of rarities, outtakes, and original versions, “Between the Eyes Volume 3” is a must have for any fan of Velvet Acid Christ, as well as for those who missed the beginnings of this American Electro-Industrial act. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Fiction Friction
02. Satan Complex 42
03. Dead Flesh
04. Masked Illusion
05. Fade Away
06. Futile
07. Melting
08. Cyber Communists Plotting Red Revolt
09. Hallucinagene
10. Sadder Still
11. Broken Mind
12. Glorify Satan and Suicide