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Velvet Acid Christ

Pretty Toy

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD $2.98

After a three year hiatus, Velvet Acid Christ has returned with his latest single, “Pretty Toy” for 2003, and proves that he has not lost his touch. Aggressive electronics, throbbing beats, and obscure samples make “Pretty Toy” a resurrection of the past combined with the latest in sonic development. Containing three b-sides not found on the upcoming album “Hex Angel (Utopia-Dystopia),” the single will prove that the creative power behind VAC will not be compromised. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Pretty Toy (Edit)
02. Introvert
03. Angels In Bondage (Mp3 128 Mix - By Angels In Bondage)
04. Pretty Toy (PG-13 Radio Edit)