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Velvet Acid Christ

Twisted Thought Generator

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Also available:
CD $12.98

The newest chapter in the saga of VAC exposes a number of social issues, including animal rights and rampant technology. This release re-enforces the talent of this American Electro/Industrial act. On Metropolis Records.

Track List

01. Velvet Pill (Jagged Scar Mix)
02. Dial8
03. Mindphlux (Trip Zone Mix)
04. Lysergia
05. Asphixia (Wasted)
06. Never Worship (Bruised Knees Mix)
07. Crypulse (Still Crying)
08. Hypersphere (MDMA)
09. Dilaudid (Postponed)