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Cycle of the Sun: Remixes Vol. 1

CD (2013) · $9.98   add to cart Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Trance-tribal act iVardensphere returns with Cycle of the Sun: Remixes Vol. 1, a re-issue of the collection of remixes serving as a companion to Scatterface V3. Features reinterpretations from Komor Kommando, Memaker, Iszoloscope, Left Spine Down, and more.

Track List

01. Sentient Wave Form (Komor Kommando Remix)
02. Virus (Memmaker Remix)
03. Bonedance (Katastroslavia Remix)
04. Calibrating the God Machine (Re-Calibrated by Virtual Terrorist)
05. Jigsaw (Iszoloscope Remix)
06. Calibrating the God Machine (Left Spine Down Remix)
07. Nuke the Site from Orbit (Chernobyl 2023 Mix by Psykkle)
08. Jigsaw (Speak Mix by Maqlu)