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DIGITAL (2015) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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iVardenspehere, the tribal trance electro outfit headed by Scott Fox, presents Fable. On the new album, Fox, and his cohorts, Jamie Blacker (Electronics/Drums/Vocals) Yann Faussurier (Electronics) Sean Malley (Drums) Chuck Murphy (Drums/Vocals) explore all aspects of percussive tribalism, be it in the middle-eastern tinged Messiah, the electronic twitches of Tribes Of Moth, or the progressive trance influence of Terra Sapian. In addition, the droning, seething Girl Without Hands and the minimalist Disir, being constructed entirely of voices, bring stunningly beautiful new depths to the music of iVardensphere.

Track List

01. Million Year Echo
02. Stygian
03. The Woodsman and the Serpent
04. Tribes of Moth (feat. Mari Kattman)
05. A Tale of Two Wolves
06. Black Lodge
07. Papa Legba
08. It is As Blackness is
09. Disir (feat. Nymm)
10. Messiah (feat. Mari Kattman)
11. Terra Sapian
12. The Girl Without Hands
13. Yesterday's Giant
14. Poseidon (feat. Brittany Bindrim)