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The Clockwork Man

DIGITAL (2016) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

From deep within the engine room of commerce - comes the mechanised voice of The Clockwork Man -  a new kind of creature: part flesh, part automaton, part digital creation.
A being mediated and born of crises, problems and their synthetic, prefabricated solutions.
Lo, behold the new man - The Clockwork Man - for he (or she) is synthesised from social media and permanent stimulus, with synapses simulated by social engineering and perpetual shock testing.

Track List

01. The Clockwork Man SINGLE EDIT
02. The Clockwork Man (Velvet Acid Christ_RMX)
03. The Clockwork Man (Displacer_RMX)
04. Oh, You're An Atheist_ (Blackhouse_RMX)
05. Cheerful Hypocrisy (Sir Real_RMX)
06. 6. The Clockwork Testament