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Symbols Limited Edition Vinyl

VINYL (2017) · $31.98   add to cart

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Digital · Symbols $8.90
CD · Symbols $11.98

Vinyl remaster of KMFDM's classic 1997 album Symbols. Filled with an astounding lineup of contributors. KMFDM leader and founder Sascha K. plays ringmaster of a musical circus that features Ogre (Skinny Puppy), Tim Skold (Shotgun Messiah), Raymond Watts (Pig), Bill Rieflin (Ministry), Michel Bassin (Treponem Pal), Nina Hagen and Abby Travis. Contains the hit singles "Megalomaniac" and "Anarchy”. Limited to 500 copies.

Track List


01. (A) Megalomaniac
02. (A) Leid Und Elend
03. (B) Down And Out
04. (B) Unfit


01. (C) Anarchy
02. (C) Stray Bullet
03. (C) Mercy
04. (D) Torture
05. (D) Spit Sperm
06. (D) Waste

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