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Velvet Acid Christ

Fun With Knives Remastered

VINYL (2019) · $23.00   add to cart Bandcamp: International & Lossless

2019 marks the 20 year anniversary of Velvet Acid Christ’s album Fun With Knives. This classic blends many electronic elements, masterful engineering & production. Not as raw as his previous releases, focusing more on dance anthems & atmospheres without losing the aggro edge of Velvet Acid Christ or bleeding into pop. Fully remastered & released only in digital & Limited Vinyl formats with bonus track. Limited Edition 2 LP Vinyl

Track List


01. A)Decypher
02. A)The Dark Inside Me
03. A)There Is No God
04. B)Icon
05. B)Fun With Drugs
06. B)Speedball OD


01. C)Psycho
02. C)Slut
03. C)Apflux
04. D)Fun With Knives
05. D)Caught
06. D)Futuile 98

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