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Spaetzle Machine

DIGITAL (2020) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

A gargantuan beast of spartan electro and brooding melodies, the brand new Snog 'Spätzle Machine' E.P. follows closely after the release of the acclaimed 'Lullabies For The Lithium Age' album. The E.P. features three sublime remixes/reimaginings from the masterful studio wizardry of producer and artist, Vince Valentini. Timely and timeless, each track narrates - through its own unique dialogue - the final breaths of the final human soul, crushed in the relentless machinations of time and technology.
'Spätzle Machine' is a brilliant and bilingual song - the verses in English and the choruses in German - slyly equating the human condition with the manufacture of a traditional handcrafted Swabian noodle dish. With a plaintive, dark humour and a melange of dry Pink Floydian tropes, the incredible video for the song captures a fable as old as Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis' and as new as Elon Musk's newsfeed.
released June 26, 2020

Tracks 1-3 remixed by V. Valentini (Fate Razor / Lightarmour Editions)

Mastered by V. Valentini for Lightarmour Editions
Mastering Technician: A. Caramia

Track List

01. Spaetzle Machine (Meta Mix)
02. The Sweet, Sweet Treacle (Of Surrender) (RevolutionAbsolution RMX)
03. Ball And Chain (Sunset Mix Extended)