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Suicide Commando

Bind, Torture, Kill

CD (2006) · $12.98   add to cart

Never one to deviate far from the path, Suicide Commando remains consistent with every release. While new technology or synths may be incorporated, one can always tell its Suicide Commando from his signature sound. He just has this way of writing songs that is easily distinguishable among the masses of other bands in the terror EBM genre. Now ready to release his sixth album, Bind, Torture, Kill, Suicide Commando has delivered another phenomenal album that fans were expecting, but weren't ready for. Bind, Torture, Kill has all of what is expected of Suicide Commando – distorted vocals, heavy crunching beats, raspy melodies, and piercing high end. But, this album is different. It has an intensity not seen before on previous Suicide Commando albums. This album is more “in your face,” like he o.d.-ed on coffee, speed, adrenaline, and anger. The result is astounding…if you thought Suicide Commando was aggressive before, you'd better strap yourself in because you are in for one hell of a ride.

Track List

01. Bind, Torture, Kill
02. Bleed For Us All
03. Conspiracy With The Devil
04. Menshenfresser (Eat Me)
05. Dead March
06. Massaker
07. Torment Me
08. Godsend (Deceased Part II)
09. We Are The Sinners
10. F*** You Bitch
11. Rader