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Suicide Commando

Implements Of Hell 2CD (Limited Edition)


Suicide Commando, the moniker under which demented mastermind Johan Van Roy creates his own unique brand of evil electronics, has returned. For over twenty years Suicide Commando has been pushing the boundaries of aggression, and much like a prolific serial killer, with each release his notoriety grows. The new album, Implements Of Hell (a reference to notorious serial killer Albert Fish) is the successor to the 2006 album Bind Torture Kill. In late 2009 we received the warnings of what was to come. The singles Until We Die and Die, MotherfuckerDie served us notice as to the evil that was gestating in the heart of Mr. Van Roy. The warnings were not enough, as Implements Of Hell stands as Suicide Commando's greatest work thus far. Unrelenting, hook laden, and darker than Hell… this is the way evil electro is supposed to sound. Implements Of Hell is presented in a regular edition and a special Limited Edition with a bonus disc .

Track List


01. Intro
02. The Pleasures of Sin
03. The Dying Breed
04. Die Motherfucker Die
05. Death Cures All Pain
06. God Is In The Rain
07. Hate Me (Retaliate V1.0)
08. Come Down With Me
09. Severed Head
10. The Perils Of Indifference
11. Until We Die (Album Edit)


01. Severed Head (Heads Of State Mix by Komor Kommando)
02. Die Motherfucker Die (Modulate Remix)
03. Cause Of Death: Suicide (Final Count 2009)
04. The Perils Of Indifference (Remixed by JH from Centhron)
05. Hate Me (Leaether Strip Remix)
06. Die Motherfucker Die (Nurzery Rhymes vs Betamorphose Remix)
07. The Perils Of Indifference (Xotox Remix)
08. Hate Me (Original Version)
09. Severed Head (Beheaded Mix by Schattenschlag)
10. Die Motherfucker Die (Apology Not Accepted Remix by Fïx8Sëd8)
11. Until We Die (Winter Version)