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In Transit (DVD)

DVD/VIDEO (2007) · $16.98   add to cart

An act that has spent its career redefining not only itself, but the electronic music genre, Covenant has been labeled as EBM, Electro-pop, dark techno, and more. In Transit shows that none of these labels fit, that Covenant is all of these things and more, an indefinable trailblazer. While most bands would be content to release a live DVD with interviews, Covenant carries the high artistic concepts of their music into the DVD, interspersing live footage, behind the scenes material, and commentary from band members. In Transit takes you along with Covenant on the Skyshaper tour, and lets you get to know the men behind the music. In Transit is not only a document to power of this trio's live performances, but also a celebration of a band that has been a constant innovator in the electronic music scene. Metropolis Records will also be releasing the companion In Transit live CD.

Track List


01. Intro
02. 20 Hz
03. Hello & Welcome
04. Building Up
05. Bullet
06. Germans Are Spoilt
07. Leviathan
08. Aftershow Party I
09. Making Interviews in Hamburg
10. Der Leiermann
11. On The Road
12. Prometheus
13. The Matrix And Its Masters
14. We Stand Alone
15. Skyshaper Revisited
16. Men Or Mice?
17. Can Noise Be Ritual?
18. Are We Happy Men?
19. About Falling Out Of Cars and The Pulse
20. Is The New World Brave?
21. The Skyshaper World Tour
22. Stalker
23. Aftershow Party II
24. North America – NYC To Ogallala and Beyond
25. Dead Stars – Past, Present, & Future
26. Russia – Earth, Sky, Cosmos
27. South America – Eva Peron Never Called For Us
28. Babel
29. Call The Ships To Port
30. Aftershow Party III


01. Der Leiermann
02. Prometheus
03. We Stand Alone
04. Ritual Noise
05. Brave New World