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Skyshaper [Limited Edition]

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

Also available:
CD · Skyshaper Limited Edition $15.98

The 2 CD version of the most anticipated electro pop album for 2006 has arrived! Covenant's brand new studio album Skyshaper is a towering inferno set to put dance floors on fire! From the infectious beats of “Ritual Noise” and “Brave New World” to the electro-clash infused “Pulse” and “Happy Man” to the quiet beauty of “The World is Growing Loud,” Covenant has once again created an album of monumental proportions free of any filler. Creating Skyshaper was a labor of love for the band. By spending months locked inside of a studio without any distractions, Covenant gave the creative process their full attention and fans will not be disappointed. This limited edition comes in a beautiful 8 panel digi-pac with an amazing expanded 24 page booklet and a second disc featuring three mind-blowing bonus tracks!

Track List

01. Ritual Noise
02. Pulse
03. Happy Man
04. Brave New World
05. The Men
06. Sweet And Salty
07. Greater Than The Sun
08. 20 Hz
09. Spindrift
10. The World Is Growing Loud
11. Subterfugue For 3 Absynths
12. Relief
13. Ritual Noise (Calico RMX)