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Fieldwoks Exkursion EP

CD (2019) · $7.98   add to cart

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Originally released as a limited tour item, Covenant presents this EP as a prelude to its forthcoming album "Fieldworks". Always the aural explorers, this first "excursion" is full of deceptive signals, misleading noises, & cryptic lyrics. Each track spearheaded by a different member of Covenant,"Fieldworks Excursion" is a work of art that finds the signal through the noise in a too-loud world. Metropolis version is limited to 500 copies for North America.

Track List

01. Pantheon
02. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
03. False Gods Ft Grab Your Face
04. Popul Vuh
05. Das Nibelungenlied (Erstes Abenteuer)