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Music For A Slaughtering Tribe

DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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CD · Music For a Slaughtering Tribe $8.98

Wumpscut is back with his latest ominous reincarnation of isolation and desperation, Music For a Slaughtering Tribe. This 2005 re-release features all of the original tracks on Music For a Slaughtering Tribe (1996 Metropolis Records) completely re-mastered, plus bonus tracks, and newly revised artwork. Music For a Slaughtering Tribe is sure to please any :Wumpscut: or harsh EBM-industrial fan.

Track List

01. Soylent Green
02. On The Run
03. Koslow
04. Fear In Motion
05. Dudek
06. Default
07. Bleed
08. Concrete Rage
09. Believe In Me
10. She's Dead
11. Rotten Meat
12. The Day's Disdain
13. Float
14. My Life
15. Soylent Green (Haujobb Remix)
16. She's Dead (Kirlian Camera Remix)
17. Soylent Green (Brain Leisure Remix)