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DIGITAL (2010) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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WUMPSCUT IS BACK!!! Nearly a year to date from his last outing, Rudy Ratzinger has returned with Siamese. His darkest album in over half a decade, Siamese harkens the elements that made Embryodead such a cult classic. Brooding vocals, destructive percussion, ominous synths, and captivating sequences draw the listener in and enthral them with each track. “Falling From Lucifer's Grace” opens the album with an eerie air and quickly bombards you with its hard drums and corrosive riffs, “Siamese” and “Auf Wiedersehn Im Massengrab” slow things down a bit, while “Boneshaker Baybee” and “Loyal To My Hate” are destined to be club favourites with their acidic beats and sticky melodies. Definitely not one release to be missed in 2010, Siamese is exactly what Wumpscut fans have been waiting for.

Track List

01. Falling From Lucifer's Grace
02. Boneshaker Baybee (Video Edit)
03. Siamese
04. Zirbit
05. Auf Wiedersehn Im Massengrab
06. Teufelszeug
07. Bam Bam
08. Loyal To My Hate
09. Blood Stigmata
10. Killuh