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DIGITAL (2009) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

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Since Rudy Ratzinger formed Wumpscut back in 1991, he has continually pushed the envelope with his innovations, without sacrificing his artistic integrity or signature elements. For 2009, Wumpscut presents one of his most iconic releases, Fuckit. Featuring 12 tracks of pure emotional unrest, the album merges alot of elements from previous releases to make a timeless and incredible sounding landscape of fervor and despair. From the thought provoking title track to the restrained sadness of “Cut To See How Much I Bleed,” Fuckit is destined to take its place among past Wumspcut classics such as Bunker Gate Seven and Embryodead.

Track List

01. Schlechter Mensch
02. The Boo
03. Fuckit
04. Cut To See How Much I Bleed
05. Achtung, Menschen
06. Autophagy Day
07. Pooch
08. Leichenteilchen
09. Broken
10. Bloodbathing Tub
11. Rumpelkammer
12. Gulag