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DJ Dwarf 15

DIGITAL (2015) · Listen & Buy on Bandcamp

DJ Dwarf XV is the companion to the new :Wumpscut: album Blut Spuker Tavern. The DJ Dwarf Series, originally released only to European DJs, is an ongoing set of remix albums and EPs released in conjunction with new :Wumpscut: material. Featuring all new and exclusive remixes and edits from such names as iVardensphere, Advent Resilience, and Cynical Front, DJ Dwarf XV stands as a worthy companion to :Wumpscut:'s new album.

Track List

01. That Was The Life That Was
02. Rattengift
03. Rattengift (2nd Face Remix)
04. Gangraen (Reactor7x Remix)
05. The Grim Reaper (Cynical Front Remix)
06. The Grim Reaper (iVardensphere Short Remix)
07. Oh Mein Kuemmerling (Advent Resilience Remix)
08. Kamerad Kaputt (Nigen Remix)
09. Wish I Was A Failure (Reactor7x Remix)
10. The Grim Reaper (Adzix Remix)
11. Wish I Was A Failure (Advent Resilience Remix)
12. Oh Mein Kuemmerling (Cynical Front Remix)
13. Das Deutsche Schwert (Advent Resilience Remix)
14. Oh Mein Kuemmerling (Nigen Remix)
15. The Grim Reaper (A7IE Remix)
16. The Grim Reaper (Nigen Remix)