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Dreamtime Collectors


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Digital $8.90

Formed in 1980 in Coventry, England and influenced by a mix of punk ideology and experimental art aesthetics, Attrition is considered a pioneering act in the world of dark electronica. Emerging as part of the early UK Industrial scene, founder Martin Bowes has steered the band through a thirty year career fuelled by a succession of critically acclaimed albums and inclusion on a number of film soundtracks. Now, Metropolis Records is proud to present Dreamtime Collectors; a career spanning compilation of Attrition's most important songs and a must-have for fans of electronic, industrial and darkwave.

Track List

01. Acid Tongue
02. Cosmetic Citizen (Stromkern Remix)
03. Two Gods
04. Lip Sync
05. The Mercy Machine (97)
06. A Girl Called Harmony
07. A'dam & Eva
08. I Am (Eternity)
09. Dreamsleep
10. Shrinkwrap
11. Beast of Burden (Remix)
12. Monkey in a Bin
13. To the Devil!
14. Into the Waves (Remix)
15. What Shall I Sing?
16. Fate is Smiling


(Tracks from the digital version)

Acid Tongue4:20
Cosmetic Citizen (Stromkern Remix)5:13
Two Gods4:56
Lip Sync3:52
The Mercy Machine (97)5:39
A Girl Called Harmony5:07
A'dam & Eva3:25
I Am (Eternity)4:07
Beast of Burden (Remix)3:05
Monkey in a Bin2:29
To The Devil!3:40
Into the Waves (Remix)5:45
What Shall I Sing?6:24
Fate is Smiling5:46